About Schmieg Hungate Kotzian

Also known as Schmieg Hungate Kotzian, this company was founded in London in 1908 when Karl Schmieg and Henri Kotzian met as apprentices to prominent London furniture manufacturers. They decided to become partners, and moved to New York to establish a premier cabinet-making firm. They became extremely well-known for exquisite modern design and superior-quality cabinetry. The corporation has changed ownerships several times since the late 1950s, ending with this company in 1995. Today, in the tradition of solid craftsmanship utilizing unique design, Schmieg&Kotzian provides customized reproduction of modern furnishings using the original blueprints by designers like Donald Deskey, Eugene Schoen, Walter Van Nessen, and many others. A catalog of its earlier vintage pieces is available for custom ordering and licensing of original designs. s&[email protected]
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