Harry's Antoinette Type VII Monoplane


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The Antoinette Type VII Monoplane

The Antoinette Type VII Monoplane has been considered by many to be the most beautiful aeroplane of the period. Few Antoinette Monoplanes were built, but one, owned and flown by Hubert Latham, a master of the type from England, made a number of famous flights in the U.S., including one across the Golden Gate and over the cities of San Francisco, California, and Baltimore, Maryland. Latham was unsuccessful in his two attempts to cross The Channel between England and France, but the attempts gained him considerable fame and respect. Harry S. Harkness oned two Antoinette Type VII Monoplanes, and flew them in on the East and West Coasts. Harry Harkness is often thought to have been English (probably a result of confusing Latham and Harkness), but was a U.S. citizen.

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